ADEL’s Labradoodle Puppy Arizona, New England and California

Good Morning Everyone its a beautiful time if the year, we’re all about to celebrate Thanksgiving with Friends and family. It’s OK for out labradoodles to get a small amount of turkey and veggies as a treat. No sweets.

ADEL’s Kaya puppies are preparing to go to their forever homes this wee. Tuesday they are getting travel certificates and a wellness check up.

Mochi is going home Tuesday afternoon, she will be living with her new family here in Phoenix, AZ . Judge, & Champ are flying to New Jersey and  Finn & Alder are flying to Boston early Friday morning. Ruby’s new mum is flying in Friday afternoon late to pick her up and taking the redeye back to New York.

Its a very busy week for me on top of Thanksgiving getting all of them ready, bath day will be Thursday morning. I’ll be cooking around the baths. The puppies will get a puppy treat.

All of them have been sleeping two to a crate at night for three days now, not one accident has happen. Tonight they will all be in separate crates.

My Sasha is in early stage heat right now. I plan on breeding her to Patches and hope to get black & white , chocolate & white puppies.

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