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Coyotes are common throughout Arizona, in both rural and urban areas. They’re clever, curious, and adaptable, and they know how to take advantage of their surroundings–whether that means eating your dog’s food or actually attacking your dog.

To keep your dog safe from coyotes in Arizona and beyond, follow these steps.

  1. Keep your dog on a short leash.  Avoid retractable leashes, as they make it difficult to pull your dog back quickly.
  2. Plan your walks wisely! Coyotes tend to roam during the twilight hours; sunrise and sunset are best known for coyote sightings.
  3. Stick to designated trails and cleared paths.  Open visibility will help you spot a coyote early and give you time to escape.  Venturing into thick brush is not recommended.
  4. Carry protection, such as a cane, walking stick, golf club, pepper spray or other item. Loud noises can also repel coyotes, so you can also consider fog horns or whistles.
  1. Do not feed your dog outside or store food outside.  This can encourage coyotes to enter your property.
  2. Keep garbage and compost covered and secured, so as not to tempt a coyote.
  3. If coyotes do appear on your property, make them feel unwelcome! Shout, throw things in their direction, brandish a broom and do anything else that will keep them afraid of humans.
  4. Consider installing motion-detecting lighting to discourage coyotes.
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