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Sienna is a lovable, sweet girl who loves to play!  It’s hard not to adore her as evidenced by how drawn people are to her wherever we go. Folks especially love her playfulness, pleasant disposition, and beautiful red coat. After a long excursion bounding in the park, in the woods, on the beach, or in the snow Sienna transforms from an energetic fur ball to a cuddle buddy.

Sienna loves other dogs, is great with kids (her family has young children), and is a loving mother.  She is extremely bright as well as fast.  Sienna is best friends with ADEL’s Roxie so they play together often. She is also a wonderful companion to her older brother Milo (bichon frise). When not at the park Sienna can be found chewing on her Nylabone, sleeping, or cuddling with any member of the family.

Health clearances: OFA normal heart, prc’dPRA clear, vWD cleared by parentage.  OFA Cardio Normal,  patellas and elbows normal, OFA Hip Good, Thyroid Normal, PennHIP 60 percentile.


To say that Maggie is friendly is a bit of an understatement. Everyone she meets is her new best friend – especially if they come with tennis balls in hand!

Maggie is unusually smart; she intuitively understands expectations and knows every nuance of our routines. She can retrieve tennis balls that even the FBI would consider lost. When not playing fetch, Maggie loves walks, rides, parties, outings, and any other activity that allows her to spend time with her family. She loves playing with other dogs and never shows any aggression. Put simply, she is a lovely labradoodle.

Variety: Female ALF3
Color: Cream, B?ee
Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece, non-shedding
Size: 17″ tall and 26lbs.

Health Clearance: OFA normal heart, prc’dPRA clear, vWD cleared by parentage.  OFA Cardio  patellos & elbows normal. OFA Hip Good, Thyroid Normal


Maya loves cuddling with her big brother (a Rottweiler) and playing with people and other dogs. She’s so quick and limber you’d swear she could actually fly! She’s smart, quick to learn new tricks, and super soft.

Variety: Female ALF3
Color: Red, B?ee
Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece, non-shedding
Size: 17 ” tall and  28 lbs.

Health Clearance: OFA normal heart, prc’dPRA clear, vWD cleared by parentage.  OFA Cardio,  patella’s & elbows normal, OFA Hip Good, Thyroid Normal


Lillis, Razzi’s daughter, has a beautiful red coat. She’s an energetic pup who loves to go anywhere we go. She’s happy just to be in the water, on the kayak, or in the rain. She loves to go on our annual island camping trip off the coast of Maine. She’s also great with cats and will play with them until they get tired of it!

Variety: Female ALF3
Color: Apricot Cream B?ee
Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece, Non-Shedding

Health Clearance: PennHIP left 0.30 right 0.34 – 90% tightest group , OFA  Good, Elbows & Patella’s, CERF, OFA Cardiac normal, Thyroid normal, von Wilebrand & PrcdPRA clear by parentage.


Roxie is a real cuddle-bunny with a disposition to match. She has a beautiful thick, soft fleece coat that draws everyone’s attention wherever she goes. Roxie is very smart and learns new tricks very quickly. She’s apt to give you her “hi five” for a treat. Roxie makes friends cautiously, but once she knows you, be ready to give her lots of attention.

She is the delight of all the adults and children in the neighborhood. If you happen to see a bouncy, apricot-red little fuzz ball running to greet you, that’s Roxie!

Health results: Hip test PennHIP 0.54 left, 0.51 right, 50% tightest group. OFA normal cardio, Thyroid normal, Prc’dPRA clear by parentage, vWD cleared by parentage.  OFA Cardio  and elbows normal.


Variety: Female ALF3
Color: Apricot Cream, B?ee
Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece, non-shedding
Size: 16 ” tall and approx. 24 lbs.

Health Clearances: PennHIP left 0.49 right 0.49 70% OFA Hips Good, Elbows Good, CERF,  OFA normal cardio, Thyroid normal  PRA – Clear, von Willebrands – Clear, Patella’s normal.

Delher’s Buddy Boy Romeo

Romeo is the red headed stud that is so easy to have around. He loves every person and every dog he meets! He’s very stout with great boning. Romeo is a sweet loving, affectionate, yet confident guy with a soft fleece coat to pass along to his puppies. He’s smart, loves his squeaky toys, loves to play fetch and loves human companionship… the perfect family member! Every time he goes to the vet’s office, they all comment on how sweet he is. Romeo has produced outstanding, sound puppies. Dehler’s Buddy Boy Romeo is co-owned with Maine Coast Labradoodles and Tuscany Ridge Labradoodles. He lives with his guardian family in Maine.

Variety: Male F1B
Color: Red
Coat: Soft wavy fleece, non-shedding
Size: 17″ tall, 24 lbs
Health Clearances: OFA; hips: excellent; patellas and elbows: normal; CERF; pennHIP: normal; cardiac: normal; PRA and von Willdebrands: clear; thyroid: normal

CD Valentine’s Brave Heart (Willie)

Meet Willie (in his summer ‘do)! He is a proven sire and has produced beautiful puppies. No matter the female, Willie will produce only cream, apricot, and red puppies.

Variety: Male Bbee
Color: Apricot
Coat: Soft wavy fleece, non-shedding
Health Clearances: PennHIP .45 Left .55 right; Cerf: normal; vWD: normal; OFA heart normal


Black-and-white Zorro at 15” tall and 18 pounds, Zorro is a true mini Australian labradoodle. No matter the female, Zorro will only sire chocolate, black, and parti-colored black and chocolate puppies. Zorro has an ideal labradoodle temperament: he is playful, sweet, and loving. He loves playing with his toys and especially enjoys a good bout of tug-of-war. He’d be happy to spend his days chasing balls and snuggling with his family. Always ready to give kisses, Zorro is great with children, well-behaved, and intelligent (not to mention handsome!)

Variety: Male
Color: Black-and-white
Coat: Soft wavy fleece, non-shedding
Size: 15″ tall, 18 lbs
Health Clearances: PennHIP .50 Left .43 right 60%; OFA hips: good; Elbows: normal; Patellas: normal; Cerf: normal; PrcdPra: clear; Thyroid: normal; Cardio: normal

Rosetta’s Red Sierra Sunset (Sierra)

Variety: Female Australian Labradoodle
Color: Red, B?ee
Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece, non-shedding
Size: 15 ” tall and approx. 15.5 lbs.

Health Clearances: OFA Good, Elbows, CERF, Cardiac, PRA – Clear, von Willebrands – Clear, Patella’s and Thyroid.

ADEL’s Firechief Elvis

We are proud to have had Elvis as our  stud muffin. Now retired, Elvis is 14 inches tall and  24  pounds. He was the foundation of our current generation of labradoodle puppies. We have saved five of Elvis’s female puppies — Maggie, Maya, Roxie, Piper, and Lillis!


Adorable Down East Labradoodle’s Prissy is a black, miniature F-1 Labradoodle. She is 15 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds. Her coat is thick, soft, and wavy. She is very lovable and affectionate. She always greets us with a little kiss and loves to spend time with the family, though is also content to entertain herself. Prissy was retired in 2005 after her second litter. She lives happily with her forever family in Maine.


Our Scarlet was selected  because of her  temperament, intelligent, beautiful red coat, size, and loving personality. Scarlet has passed these wonderful traits to her daughters Lulu and Ruby (who have passed it along to their puppies!) She is 22 inches tall, weighs 55 pounds, and has a beautiful smile!

Scarlet now lives with her forever family in Palm Harbor, Florida. She spends her days swimming in the pool, going to the beach, chasing her dad on his sail board, playing at the dog park, and flying to their vacation home in Utah. Like all of our labradoodles, she’s got quite the life!


Our Koko was retired after her May 2008 litter. She now lives with her forever family in Maine. Koko produced 11 healthy puppies in two litters.


Adorable Down East Labradoodle’s Ruby is 18 inches tall and 34 pounds. Ruby always has a smile on her face and  is just as lovable as her mom Scarlet. Ruby is a fun loving  happy girl and she gives great hugs.  She loves hiking, going to the beach, going to the dog park and most of all she loves to play fetch. Ruby was retired in July 2009 and lives with her mother in Portland, Maine.


Lulu is our small medium F2 Labradoodle. She is 29 pounds, 19 inches tall, and super sweet. She loves to play hard and give hugs and kisses to anyone that loves dogs. She loves going camping in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Virginia. Lulu was retired after her June 2010 litter. She is living four months in Maine and eight months in Florida with her forever family and her son, Bogie.


Razzi is our blonde beauty.  She is quiet, loving, and enjoys going on kayak trips off the coast of Maine. Razzi was retired after her June 2012 litter. She produced two wonderful breeding females, Piper and Lillis. She now lives with her forever family and daughter Lillis in Benton, Maine.


Rosie one of our all time favorites. She is an incredibly sweet, affectionate, and playful labradoodle. Retired after her June 2012 litter, she is now living with her brother Romeo as well as her human brother and sister in Cape Neddick, Maine.

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