We don’t know what we would do without our “doodles”! Having always had Golden Retrievers, bringing Bogey (nee NOAH) into our household was an interesting experience.  When we took him in at 8 months, our lovely Golden, Flawney was 11, had just lost her mate and was starting with the aging problems of Goldens.  She and Bogey bonded immediately and both settled down to a very congenial two-some, indeed.  Then when you informed us that his Mom, “Lulu” was available a year or so later, and seeing that she was one of the sweetest, cutest, smartest, etc., etc., of dogs, we thought ‘why not’ and now we had expanded our little congenial group of two, to a not- so congenial group of three! After a short period of circling each other the two females decided their lives would be much better and happier together rather than territorial and unhappy!  And so now we were a happy family of five for another two years!  (Dearest Flawney left us last Valentines Day and is now waiting at the “Rainbow Bridge for all of us to catch up to her and her other Golden Pals. We will always remember how much she loved the “Doodle Romps”…I think deep down she was a “Doodle-wanna-be”!)

The Doodles are the smartest of dogs…I am sure everyone will agree. They seem to reason out  what is developing more so than any other dogs we have ever had. Their vocabulary is extraordinary and the fact that they do not shed very much and are hypoallergenic doesn’t hurt either. They are sweet and ask for a “hug” every now and then, which most dogs do not seem to do! (They get many, many hugs, asked for or not!)

All in all, we are delighted with Bogey and Lulu as are all of our friends here in Fla. and Maine who occasionally drop in just for a Bogey/Lulu fix”! I can’t tell how how many times Jim and I remind each other of that ad on the internet that you placed right after you had Bogey returned to you and how fortunate we are that we answered it… and…that you seemed to feel  we would be the right “fit”! Yippee!

-Martha and Jim K ., Florida and Maine

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Maggy May is just as wonderful as all the puppies you post on your Facebook page and website. The entire neighborhood thinks the same! We’re so lucky to have our little labradoodle, we can thank you forever.

-Brenda C., Massachusetts

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The first time I visited Adorable Downeast Labradoodles, I was greeted by five beautiful dogs. What struck me right away was that after some initial barking at my arrival, the dogs settled right down and came over to me. They were all affectionate, calm and…well, adorable. Then I got to see the many puppies and their moms. Their coloring ranged from dark red to almost white and my heart melted. Once I stepped back from the onslaught of puppies, I had a chance to talk to Gerry and learn more about his deliberate and responsible breeding practices. My family and I are proud to be guardians of Piper, who is a very important member of our family. Her temperament is perfect. She’s loves to be loved, loves to please, and has been a joy. 

-Laurie H., Maine

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I just want to say that Cheech is the best dog that I’ve ever owned! I love him like one of my babies… thank you so so much. Maybe next year I will go for another one! 

-Josette G., New Hampshire

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Ever since I was 5 I always wanted a dog, so when I came upon Adorable Down East Labradoodles I knew it couldn’t be beat. The site was very user-friendly and there seemed to be nothing they didn’t explain! Once we chose our liter, Gerry started sending us daily updates of Sierra (our puppy’s mom) in her Breeder Box, and eventually the puppies. Then, 2 months later, we got our puppy, Nubble!  When I walk around downtown Newburyport with him, people always stop to compliment on Nubble’s size, color, and cute face!  Gerry was very helpful to the end and I already recommended him to several people!    

-Ava N., age 10, Massachusetts

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My Doodle Max will be five in May, he is an adorable chocolate curly haired  doodle. I live in Portland in a condo complex and  he is loved by everyone here. He is the most gentle , sweet ,quiet and smart dog I have ever owned. We walk together every day and everywhere we go people stop and comment on how handsome and gentle he is with people of all ages. He has his favorite stores where the owners know him by name and always have treats for him behind the counter. And I don’t mean dog shops — I mean the bank, the wine shop, the kitchen store… you name it, he is always welcome! I always tell people where I got him and feel totally confident highly recommending Adorable Down East Labradoodles as breeders. They  do a wonderful job, and I feel very lucky to have been referred to them from a friend.

-Mary F.,  Maine

I was part of Gerry’s guardian program and got to see first-hand the care and effort that goes into these puppies. Careful planning of who to breed, all of the testing (some I’d never heard of), the socialization, the training, right down to matching the right puppy with the right family. All of it leads to great, happy dogs and families.

Being a guardian there was no choice in which pup I would end up with, but I could not have asked for a better dog. Ruby has been a delight from day one. She was very quick to train, unbelievably, never had an accident or chewed anything she was not supposed to. Her smile and loving demeanor charms friends and strangers alike. It is not uncommon for big, burly men to start using baby talk with her. She is so easy going. I have been able to take her literally everywhere. She plays hard, loves to fetch, run at the beach, swim, mountain bike and even kayak. She also plays the role of therapy dog in my Orthopedic Massage practice. Patients tell me that she has her own healing powers and that she also makes a great Psychoanalyst. I am so very grateful to have been part of the guardian program and to have this incredible curly creature in my life.

-Michelle P., Maine

My husband and I both grew up with dogs, and we had been wanting to get one for a long time. Because my husband is allergic to dogs, we knew that we needed to get one that was hypoallergenic, and we had been eyeing labradoodles for quite some time. We were always impressed with our friends’ dog, Winnie, who had one of the best temperaments we’d ever seen in a dog. Our friends told us that they got Winnie from Adorable New England Labradoodles, and the choice was clear that we should do the same. After visiting your home last June, the decision was a no-brainer. Our dog, Bruce, is the most special pet we have ever owned. When you told us that you breed for temperament, we had no idea the extent to which this would be true for our own dog. We live on the high school campus where I work, so we oversee a dorm with 27 teenage girls from all over the world. Bruce is definitely the most popular boy on campus! Everyone knows him and people constantly beg us for play dates with him. What’s more, Bruce is the best therapy dog imaginable–he will curl up in your lap and stay for hours. His very presence is both playful and calming. My dad, who is a veterinarian, constantly remarks that Bruce is one of the most special dogs he has ever encountered, and that’s saying a lot. We are forever grateful to you for breeding the sweetest dogs in the world; we cannot imagine our lives without Bruce! Thank you so much!!

-Sarah  L., Massachusetts/Maine


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